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Medical Painting therapy

Based on the principals of light, colour and darkness

Medical painting therapy is a new therapy for people experiencing health problems.

Light, colour and darkness also have a function in the human being in thinking, feeling and willing. The light of the thinking gives us clarity, the colours move us inwardly and every day we step with our will in the gravity. This expresses the direct connection to the human being.  In a healthy situation, light, colour and darkness are in perfect balance. When disturbances occur in this balance, it leads to unhealthy situations causing health problems like illness.With medical painting therapy, we focus on restoring the harmonious interaction between light, colour and darkness. The therapy activates the life forces, which helps to regain a new balance and by doing that, to reduce and even cure health problems.

So, the therapy is based on the principles of light, colour and darkness. Light and darkness are invisible forces and manifest through the movement of the colours in the atmosphere. These colours surround us everywhere all day long. Depending on the amount of light and darkness different colours manifest showing their real being.

The process of the therapy
The therapy consists of 14 therapy sessions, one hour each. During the first 6 sessions we make ‘free pictures’, including three pictures with charcoal, showing the laws of light and darkness and three pictures with watercolour paint, showing the movements of colour. Diagnostic information is obtained from the free pictures, based on how light, colour and darkness manifest in the atmosphere and are reflected in the human being. Looking at the pictures from this perspective makes it possible to see the deeper levels of health problems. In the 8 following therapy sessions, we work step by step towards the healing.

To take part in the medical painting therapy it is not necessary to be able to draw or paint, which makes this therapy accessible to everyone. The therapeutically process exists of learning to paint the colours in the right qualities under supervision, so that a harmonious interaction between light, colour and darkness will be regained. Because you yourself are painting, this is actively working on your own healing process.

Health insurance will give a restitution of (a part) of the therapy.

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Medical painting therapy
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